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McLaren Port Huron awards 25 scholarships

Monday, June 24, 2013

McLaren Port Huron and its healthcare partners have awarded $30,900 in scholarships to 25 students pursuing degrees in nursing, physical therapy, and professions represented within the hospital and community.

The scholarships are funded by the McLaren Port Huron Auxiliary, Port Huron Hospital Employees That Care Club, McLaren Port Huron Foundation and McLaren Port Huron employees. 

The 2013 scholarship recipients are: 2013 Scholarship recipients

McLaren Port Huron Auxiliary Scholarship:  Shelby Baker and Jennifer White, both of Port Huron; Patricia Hornby of Palms; Tina Matthews of Avoca; and Joseph McCall of Emmett.

McLaren Port Huron Employees That Care Club Scholarships: Kelly DiNardo of St. Clair is the Nurse Coordinator for Womens and Seniors Community Outreach and Education; and Tracey McGregor of Fort Gratiot is a Registered Nurse in the Miriam F. Acheson Family Birth Place.

Shirley Jardine Carter Memorial Scholarship for Physical Therapy: Matthew Fogal of Port Huron; Nicholas Jex of Jeddo; Robert McLaren of China; Ashley Herrick, Tammy Rose and Annamarie Mazzola, all of St. Clair; and Allison Warsinske of Marysville.

Theron and Eleanor Godbold Nursing Scholarships: Calla Maynard of Marine City works in McLaren Port Huron’s Emergency Center; Kelly Herrick of China is a Registered Nurse in McLaren Port Huron’s Emergency Center; and Kathryn Kirk of Lexington is a Registered Nurse in Selective Care.

Karen Susan Draper Memorial Scholarship:  Claire Szymanski, Sabrina Warsinski, Kelly Thomas and Shawna Jakush, all of Port Huron; Tanya Morgan of North Street; and Chantel Dunn of Kimball. 

McLaren Port Huron Employee Scholarships: Birgitte Murphy of Port Huron is a Registered Nurse in Care Management; and Stephanie Delano of Kimball is a Registered Nurse in the Orthopedics/Oncology Unit.

To learn more about scholarship opportunities at McLaren Port Huron, log on to or call HealthAccess at 1.800.228.1484.