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Taking Medications

  1. All About Blood Pressure Medication

    Several kinds of medicine are commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. Here are some of the main types.

  2. Did You Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine Today?

    When you miss a dose of your blood pressure medicine, you might not notice a difference. But your body does.

  3. Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medications

    If you have more than two medications to manage, consider getting a pill organizer -- a special container marked with the days of the week. Besides housing multiple medications, a compartmentalized organizer can be useful for keeping track of the medications you've taken.

  4. Make Friends with Your Meds

    What makes some people sticklers for following through with their medications, and others haphazard at best?

  5. Medication Management Tips

    How many different medicines do you take? Most people with heart failure or other cardiovascular illnesses take several.

  6. Medications for Coronary Artery Disease

    These medications make it easier to take care of coronary artery disease. They have helped many people stay healthy and avoid heart attacks.

  7. Stopping Blood Pressure Drugs Risks a Stroke

    Medication to control high blood pressure only works if you take it.

  8. Use Your Medications Wisely

    Although most medications are safe when you take them the right way, some drugs can cause dizziness, loss of consciousness, bleeding, irregular heartbeats, and other side effects in some cases.