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  1. If Kids Think Someone's Watching, They're More Likely to Wash Their Hands

    Less than half of students soaped up when they were alone, study finds

  2. Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

    How to avoid accidental poisonings from chemicals, medications

  3. Appetite, Taste Changes Reported After Weight-Loss Surgery

    Sense of smell also altered for some patients in British study

  4. Certain Sedatives Tied to Breathing Problems in Older COPD Patients

    Study author urges caution for doctors prescribing benzodiazepines to this group

  5. Extroverts Happier Regardless of Culture, Study Finds

    Researchers compared college students in five nations

  6. Happy Couples Nestle Together at Night, Survey Finds

    Respondents were unhappier with relationship as sleeping distance grew

  7. Health Highlights: April 18, 2014
    • Treatment Costs New Focus for Medical Groups

    • Scientists Create First Embryo Clones Using Cells From Adults

    • Lowe's Agrees to Stricter Oversight of Lead Paint Renovations: EPA

    • Guinea Ebola Outbreak Caused by New Virus Strain: Researchers

  8. Health Tip: Avoid Driving During Flood Warning

    You may not be able to tell how much water is on the road

  9. Health Tip: If Your Child is Constipated

    Signs the youngster should see a doctor

  10. How to Make 'Low-Cal' Menu Options More Palatable

    Study authors recommend not grouping these dishes together

  11. More People Worldwide Eating 'Healthy' Fats, Study Finds

    But consumption of harmful fats stuck at same levels as 20 years ago

  12. Nurses' Experience Key to Better Patient Care, Study Says

    Efficient teamwork reduces hospital stays

  13. Oil-Swishing Craze: Snake Oil or All-Purpose Remedy?

    Some people swear by the practice, but little research exists to back up health claims

  14. Ragwitek Approved for Adult Ragweed Allergy

    Tablet placed under the tongue

  15. Restaurants in Poor Areas Push Unhealthy Foods, Study Finds

    Making good meal choices is harder, researcher says

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