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Focus on Health

  1. Podcast: Stay Safe on the Water This Summer

    The tug of the tow line, the rush of the water beneath you. If you’ve ever tried water tubing, you probably agree that it can certainly be fun. It can also be hazardous.

  2. Podcast: Enjoying Nature May Give Your Brain a Break

    We live in a hectic world. The constant demands of technology and life's many responsibilities can become overwhelming. Looking for a much-needed reprieve? Visit Mother Nature. Ongoing research suggests that the natural world may benefit your brain.

  3. Podcast: No Time for Exercise? An Active Lifestyle May Be the Solution

    Life can certainly be hectic. So much so, that many of us can’t seem to fit in exercise. As a result, we’re missing out on some valuable health benefits, such as a stronger heart.

  4. Podcast: Say 'No' to Foodborne Illness

    You probably wouldn’t consider a fresh spinach salad bad for your health. After all, spinach is packed with nutrients like fiber and potassium. But a recent government report found that such leafy green vegetables are the most common culprits of food

  5. Podcast: 4 Nutrients for a Healthy Colon

    Mom’s chicken soup, cheese tamales, bread pudding – we all have our favorite foods. Unfortunately, what we like to eat isn’t always good for our bodies. Consider colorectal cancer. Certain risk factors for the disease, such as being older than age 50