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Deciding on Treatment

  1. Combination Therapy for Laryngeal Cancer

    When you have advanced laryngeal cancer, your treatment options include some combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment.

  2. Surgery for Laryngeal Cancer

    Laryngectomy can be done in two ways: total laryngectomy to remove the entire larynx and partial laryngectomy to remove part of it.

  3. Targeted Therapy for Laryngeal Cancer

    The most widely used form of immunotherapy to treat cancer is called monoclonal antibodies. This immunotherapy uses antibody proteins that bind to a specific target, such as cancer cells, and leave most healthy tissues alone.

  4. Types of Treatment for Laryngeal Cancer
  5. What to Know About Chemotherapy for Laryngeal Cancer
  6. What to Know About Radiation for Laryngeal Cancer