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  1. AIDS-Related Malignancies

    People who have AIDS are much more likely to get certain types of cancer than people without the disease.

  2. Anatomy of Female Pelvic Area

    The female pelvic area contains a number of organs and structures: the endometrium, uterus, ovaries, cervix, vagina, and vulva.

  3. Are You At Risk for Cervical Cancer?

    One important way to reduce your risk is by getting regular Pap tests. Another is doing what you can to prevent high-risk HPV.

  4. Cervical Cancer

    Cervical cancer develops from abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix that spread deeper or to other tissues or organs. This type of cancer occurs most often in women older than 40.

  5. Statistics About Cervical Cancer
  6. What Are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?