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Prevention and Screening

  1. Breast Health: Three-Step Plan for Preventive Care

    To monitor your breast health, you should do a monthly breast self-exam, get a year clinical exam, and get mammograms as directed by your doctor.

  2. Can I Get Checked for Breast Cancer Before I Have Symptoms?
  3. Hope on the Horizon for Breast Cancer

    In recent years, researchers have discovered new and better ways to detect and treat breast cancer—and to keep it from coming back.

  4. How to Perform a Breast Self-Examination (BSE)

    By doing BSE regularly, you get to know how your breasts normally feel so that you are more apt to detect any change.

  5. Myths About What Causes Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is NOT caused by antiperspirants or deodorants, breast implants, or living near electromagnetic fields.

  6. Reducing Your Risk for Breast Cancer

    Your health habits may play a role in helping to reduce your risk for this serious disease, and they're particularly important as you get older.

  7. Solving the Breast Cancer Puzzle

    Investigators report headway against breast cancer, the disease that worries women more than any other.

  8. What Can I Do if I Am at Risk for Breast Cancer?