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Family Support

  1. For Kids: When Someone You Love Has Cancer

    If someone you love has cancer, you probably feel sad, angry, and confused. It's OK to feel this way. Cancer is a serious disease. Your loved one is sick. He or she will need to see the doctor a lot. It can help to learn more about cancer.

  2. For Teens: What to Expect If Your Loved One Has Cancer

    If you are curious about your loved one's treatment, you may want to ask if you can go with them to a clinic visit or any of the other appointments they may have. Your loved one may not want you to come, or he or she may be happy that you're interested.

  3. Parental Cancer: Questions and Answers About Changes in Family Rhythms and Routines

    Talking with your family about cancer and the emotions that arise is not a one-time discussion, but rather a series of talks that will continue through your treatment.

  4. When a Spouse Has Cancer: What to Do and How to Cope

    Being a caregiver for a spouse who has cancer may be the toughest job you’ll ever have. It may also be the most vital and the most rewarding. As the spouse, you become part of the cancer treatment team.