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Sleep and Neurological Issues

  1. Cognitive Disorders and Delirium (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about cognitive disorders and delirium as complications of cancer or its treatment. Supportive care and pharmacologic approaches to the management of cognitive disorders and delirium are discussed.
  2. Coping with the Cognitive Effects of Brain Tumors

    Brain tumors may affect your cognition, which is your ability to think, reason, and remember. Many people with brain tumors have problems with concentration, language skills, and memory, as well.

  3. Hypersomnia

    One side effect of cancer and cancer treatment is sleeping too much. This is called hypersomnia, meaning "too much sleep.''

  4. Insomnia

    One common problem in insomnia is that the bed has become connected with things other than sleep. This makes it hard to use the bed for sleep when you want.

  5. Sleep Disorders (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about causes and management of sleep disorders in people with cancer.