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Tests and Procedures

  1. Assessments for Newborn Babies
  2. Circumcision

    Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis.

  3. Defects in Metabolism of Amino Acids: PKU

    Before the simple blood test that checks for PKU became routine, the condition could go undetected long enough to cause severe intellectual disability. Now the disorder can be diagnosed before it leads to any damage.

  4. Eye Prophylaxis/Vitamin K Injection
  5. Gestational Assessment

    It’s not always easy to tell a newborn’s age by their size. Premature babies are usually small, but full-term and past-term babies can be small, too. That’s when doctors will perform a gestational assessment to determine if a newborn needs special treatment.

  6. Hearing Screening Tests for Newborns
  7. Measurements
  8. Newborn Immunizations

    Your newborn is fragile and needs protection from the new world. One of the first steps you can take to protect your baby is to get her vaccinated. Learn about the first scheduled immunization—the hepatitis B vaccine—and how it keeps your baby safe from serious illness.

  9. Newborn Metabolic Screening

    Because some potential problems aren’t readily seen at birth, all newborns are tested for certain conditions, including metabolic disorders.

  10. Newborn Screening Tests
  11. Physical Examination of the Newborn