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  1. Birth Defects Quiz

    Here's a tough one: When is an unborn baby most at risk of developing abnormalities?

  2. Breastfeeding Quiz

    Breastfeeding is filled with benefits to your child and you. Do you know what they are?

  3. Drugs and Pregnancy Quiz

    During pregnancy, is it OK to take an aspirin for that headache or a sleeping pill when you’re tossing and turning at night? Take this quiz to get the answers on different types of drugs and if they may have harmful effects on your unborn child.

  4. Healthy Pregnancy Quiz

    Test your knowledge of which behaviors are most helpful and harmful to your developing baby.

  5. Infant Immunization Quiz

    A pregnant woman passes antibodies to her unborn baby through the placenta to protect against certain diseases. How long does this natural immunity last?

  6. Multiple Births Quiz

    Today, more women than ever before are giving birth to multiples. What explains the increase in through the past decade? Take this quiz to find out.

  7. Smoking and Pregnancy Quiz

    Do you know the health risks of smoking? Avoiding them can help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.