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Relaxing to Slow Down

  1. 10 Good Reasons to Try Yoga

    Regardless of which type you choose, yoga is an excellent way to stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind and relax your spirit.

  2. Body Movement

    Tai chi and yoga are two forms of non-aerobic movement and controlled breathing that can be practiced to reduce stress and anxiety.

  3. Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is an altered, relaxed state of mind, often used to help learn to control bad habits, pain, and stress.

  4. Imagery

    By creating images in the mind, a person can reduce pain and symptoms associated with his or her condition.

  5. Relaxation Techniques That Really Work

    To keep stress at a minimum and reduce its effects on your life, you need to find and practice healthy ways to manage it.

  6. Tai Chi: Exercise for Mind and Body

    Tai chi is called a mind-body type of exercise because it combines meditation, focused breathing, and physical movement. Because it’s also a low-impact exercise, it may be particularly well suited for older adults, but it’s a beneficial exercise for people of all ages.

  7. The Power of Meditation

    Meditation allows you to become more awake and more deliberate about your actions. It teaches you how to respond rather than react to situations in your life.

  8. Using Yoga to Relieve Stress

    Yoga is one of the few stress-relief tools that has a positive effect on all the body systems involved.