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Nutrition Tools: Labels, Portions, and Plates

  1. 'Choose My Plate' Now Tailored to You

    Many of us used the old Food Pyramid for years to help make sure we were following a balanced diet. Its replacement, Choose My Plate, was introduced in 2011.

  2. Give Your Diet a Nutritional Tune-up

    Between spending long days at work and evenings and weekends attending to personal and family concerns, few Americans have time to eat right. But you don't have to remodel your diet to improve its healthfulness.

  3. Measuring Your Meal

    Portion sizes are bigger today, and that increase has contributed to the growing numbers of overweight or obese Americans.

  4. Understanding the Latest Diet, Nutrition News

    Does a low-fat diet protect against heart disease? Will taking calcium supplements help reduce the risk for osteoporosis?