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  1. Depression and Suicide
  2. Other Mood Disorders
  1. Keeping Active May Keep Depression at Bay

    In addition to helping your physical health, getting active can boost your mental health, too.

  2. Major Depression

    You may have depression if you have a persistent sad or "empty" mood, or if you find it difficult to concentrate or make decisions.

  3. Overview of Mood Disorders

    Mood disorders refer to a category of mental health problems that include all types of depression and bipolar disorder. Mood disorders are sometimes called affective disorders.

  4. SAD: Let the Light In

    During the dark days of winter, many people develop signs of depression that are tied to the changing amount of daylight.

  5. The Metabolic Syndrome: At Risk for Depression

    People with more visceral fat or an apple-shaped body—two factors associated with the metabolic syndrome—are more likely to have depression.

  6. When and How to Stop Antidepressant Medication

    Deciding when and how to stop taking several popular antidepressants is something you should always discuss with your health care provider.