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Care of Burns

  1. Burns: Symptom Management

    Most children with burns have pain, which can be controlled with medication. They also usually experience itching at some point during the healing process.

  2. Coping Emotionally

    Your child's burn care and emotional recovery will continue when you leave the hospital. Along with the excitement, you and your child may also feel uneasy about what will happen next.

  3. Home Wound Care

    Your child may come home with unhealed areas that still require dressing changes. You will be instructed on how to change dressings before you leave the hospital.

  4. If Your Child Has Difficulty Adjusting

    Agitated behavior such as crying, sleep disturbances and nightmares, and repeated episodes of sadness are signs that your child may be having difficulty coping with stress.

  5. Nutrition and Burns

    A child who has been burned needs additional calories and protein to help him or her heal and grow.

  6. Preventing Scars and Contractures

    Most second- and third-degree burns cause scarring. Physical therapists will work with your child to prevent or reduce scarring.

  7. When to Call Your Child's Doctor

    These are reasons to call your child's doctor: signs of infection, uncontrollable itching, a scar that cracks open or splits.