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  1. Depression
  1. Keep Your Noggin Fit with Brain Exercise

    Active thinking pumps extra blood into your brain. Getting more blood to the brain is an important way to counteract the effects of aging.

  2. Older Adults and the Importance of Social Interaction

    Research has shown that social interaction offers older adults many benefits. Staying socially active and maintaining interpersonal relationships can help you maintain good physical and emotional health and cognitive function.

  3. Pets Fill a Special Role in Seniors' Lives

    Having a pet can be a boon to body and soul—especially as we age. Pets can relieve stress—which may help explain why studies have found that pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  4. Preventing Falls

    About 75 percent of all falls occur at home. Taking certain precautions and exercising to stay physically strong can prevent many of them.

  5. Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Seasonal affective disorder, a type of mood disorder, can occur in late fall to early winter or late spring to early summer.