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  1. Lobectomy Podcast

    A lobectomy is a surgical procedure that removes one of the lobes of the lungs.

  2. Lung Scan Podcast

    Two types of lung scans are available: ventilation scans and perfusion scans. Both use a tiny amount of a radioactive substance.

  3. Oximetry Podcast

    For the oximetry test, a clip-like probe is placed on one of your fingers or on an ear lobe to measure the amount of blood that's saturated with oxygen. Your health care provider uses this test to find out if you need supplemental oxygen.

  4. Peak Flow Measurement Podcast

    Peak flow measurement is a procedure that records the amount of air flowing out of your lungs. Peak flow can be measured with either a spirometer or a peak flow meter.

  5. Pulmonary Function Tests Podcast

    These tests assess lung volumes, capacities, rates of flow, and gas exchange. Different procedures measure lung function in different ways.