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Preventing Complications

  1. COPD and Summer Heat

    Becoming overheated can put people with COPD at risk for serious illness. Stay cool this summer with these tips.

  2. COPD: Home from the Hospital

    Here's what to do to help prevent another flare-up—and stay out of the hospital.

  3. Living with COPD and Asthma

    If you have COPD and asthma, you know that they cause similar symptoms.

  4. The Connection Between Heart Failure, COPD

    If you have COPD, it may be difficult to tell whether you also have heart failure (HF). This is because the two diseases have similar symptoms and common risk factors.

  5. Traveling with Chronic Conditions

    See your doctor as early as possible before you leave on your trip. Discuss any risks that may be involved and plan for immunizations, medication, and medical devices you may need while you're away.