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Emotional Support

  1. COPD: Coping with Stress

    Life can be full of stress sometimes, especially when you’re managing a health condition like COPD.

  2. COPD: End-of-Life Care

    What kind of care would you want if you were no longer able to speak for yourself?

  3. COPD: How Can I Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

    It’s common for people with COPD to have trouble sleeping. The problem could be your sleep position or your medication.

  4. COPD: Tips for Easier Dressing

    When you have COPD, even getting dressed can sometimes seem like a challenge.

  5. Help for COPD and Depression

    Having a chronic condition such as COPD can lead to depression. You can get help. Talk with your doctor about your symptoms.

  6. If I Have COPD, Can I Drink?

    A small amount of alcohol -- such as a single beer or glass of wine with dinner -- is fine for some people. On the other hand, drinking too much alcohol is harmful for anyone.