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Oral Medication

  1. Can You Control Diabetes Without Medication?

    The answer depends on which type of diabetes you have, and how long you've had it.

  2. Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medications

    If you have more than two medications to manage, consider getting a pill organizer -- a special container marked with the days of the week. Besides housing multiple medications, a compartmentalized organizer can be useful for keeping track of the medications you've taken.

  3. Make Friends with Your Meds

    What makes some people sticklers for following through with their medications, and others haphazard at best?

  4. Managing Your Diabetes Medications

    You may need to take as many as four types of medicine every day. The more medicines you take, the greater the risk is for a medication mishap.

  5. Oral Medications

    Many types of diabetes pills are available, and each type has a specific action.