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Diabetes Health

  1. After-Meal Walks May Cut Diabetes Risk

    Scientists have yet to invent a pill that prevents type 2 diabetes. But you have the next best thing: exercise. And you don't necessarily need to spend lots of time doing it. In fact, a recent study suggests just a 15-minute walk after every meal may help stave off the disease.

  2. Could You Have Prediabetes?

    Most people have heard of diabetes - and may even know someone who has it. But what about prediabetes? If you aren't aware of it, you're not the only one. A recent government report found that many Americans aren't familiar with the condition, even those who have it.

  3. Diabetes Can Be Challenging for Older Adults

    Diabetes is never easy to manage. That may especially ring true if you are older than 65. Older adults tend to face more health challenges than younger people with the disease.

  4. Diabetes May Be Worse for Women

    Between men and women, diabetes doesn't always play fair. Both sexes are just as likely to develop the disease. But science shows that women may fare worse once they have it, particularly in terms of heart health.

  5. Eye Care Critical If You Have Diabetes

    Much of the damage diabetes does to your body you can’t see. That includes diabetic retinopathy. This eye problem usually causes no early symptoms. But it can lead to poor vision and even blindness. Taking care of your eyes can prevent it and other eye diseases.

  6. For Diabetes: Go Mediterranean

    Eating a nutritious diet is important when you have diabetes. Putting certain foods on your plate-such as fruits and vegetables, beans, and whole grains-can help you better control blood sugar levels. Enter the Mediterranean diet. It's been shown to boost heart health. And now, research finds it may be useful in managing diabetes, too.

  7. Getting Personal About Diabetes and Nutrition

    What you eat plays an important part in how well you manage your diabetes. For the best blood sugar control, is it better to follow a Mediterranean diet? What about becoming a vegetarian? The latest nutrition guidelines from the American Diabetes Association decipher this diet dilemma. They also dish out other nutrition basics.

  8. Good Blood Sugar Control Vital for Wound Healing

    When you have diabetes, a small scrape or cut can turn into a big problem. A wound may take a long time to heal. Even worse, it may become infected. The results of a recent study reinforce just how important good blood sugar control is for proper wound healing.

  9. Good Skin Care Essential if You Have Diabetes

    As your body's largest organ, your skin is a master multitasker. It keeps fluids in, preventing dehydration. It regulates body temperature. It senses external stimuli, such as pain. It produces vitamin D from sunlight. And perhaps its most important task: It protects the body from infection. No doubt, keeping your skin healthy is important, especially if you have diabetes.

  10. Having a Baby? Get Screened for Diabetes

    If you are a mother-to-be, your health is central to your baby’s well-being. Gestational diabetes can threaten this vital connection. It can cause trouble with delivery, premature birth, and other serious problems. That’s why health experts recommend that all pregnant women be screened for the disease.

  11. People with Diabetes Often Have Arthritis, Too

    You may have no trouble walking, taking a shower, or even changing clothes. But for people with diabetes or arthritis, these simple daily activities can become hard to do — even more so if they suffer from both conditions. A recent study found it’s not uncommon for people to have this disabling duo.

  12. Watch Out for Diabetes Drug Scams

    Diabetes is becoming a health reality for more and more Americans. In response to this epidemic, dishonest companies want to cash in. Their products—sold online or in stores as dietary supplements, over-the-counter drugs, and unapproved prescriptions—masquerade as proven diabetes treatments.