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What we’re doing

The definitive agreement – an official contract joins Port Huron Hospital with McLaren Health Care – became effective May 1, 2014.

  • The Blue Water Health Services board, in conjunction with the McLaren Port Huron board and executive and medical leadership, has worked diligently over the past year to ensure that the future of this community’s health care options would remain secure.

  • The binding agreement was approved by both boards and the necessary regulatory agencies.

  • Today, McLaren Port Huron became the 12th hospital in the McLaren Health Care organization.  It will be renamed McLaren Port Huron.

  • The agreement with McLaren allows the hospital to remain a locally governed, not-for-profit organization.

  • The McLaren Port Huron board of trustees will continue to govern the hospital as the McLaren Port Huron board.  David Thompson, Blue Water board chairman, will also join the McLaren Health Care board of trustees. 

  • The hospital will retain its current leadership.  All subsidiaries will become entities of the hospital and report directly to local hospital leadership.

Now that the agreement is effective, the process of McLaren Port Huron integrating into the McLaren Health Care system will take several months to complete.

  • Beginning today, we will start the integration process, where we will look for opportunities to share or use McLaren’s resources to enable more efficient local operations, such as purchasing, coordination of clinical programs and pooled insurance. 

  • McLaren is investing in many new growth opportunities – both from an inpatient and outpatient perspective – because access to the most advanced care in our community remains a top priority of the Port Huron Hospital Board of Directors.  For patients, the new relationship means expanded services, facility modernization and the purchase of new technology.

  • We have begun reviewing the master facility plan, which includes construction of a new inpatient tower and cancer center. We expect to identify a location for the center in the next few months.  We anticipate the cancer center groundbreaking to begin in early 2015.

  • Being part of McLaren means we will also be connected to the renowned Karmanos Cancer Institute, the state’s largest network of cancer care services. The center will include the most advanced technology and facilities in the Blue Water region for cancer treatment planning, including infusion therapy, radiation therapy and imaging technology.  

  • Capital projects will also begin within the next year to update and modernize the current hospital, such as a new cardiac catheterization lab and additional investments in information technology.

Why we’re doing it

Local population decline, regional competition, lowered Medicare reimbursement and operational demands from the Affordable Care Act are presenting a combination of challenges that make it difficult to remain strong and successful as a completely independent hospital.

Joining McLaren Health Care offers access to capital, operational resources, a top-notch physician network, and the ability to more easily comply with Affordable Care Act demands.

  • McLaren will help us care for our community, expand services and make significant investments in our facilities and our community.

  • McLaren has committed to bring substantial funds, clinical integration and expanded services to Port Huron Hospital as well as the necessary expertise to operate under new healthcare reform regulations.

  • McLaren brings operational efficiencies that will help us better manage the reductions in Medicare payments.

  • McLaren will help us comply with the broad implications of healthcare reform, which will require us to work in different ways with our physicians.

  •  McLaren has demonstrated the ability to align hospitals and physicians for success under healthcare reform, including:
    - Access to one of only four provider-owned health insurance plans in the state, already caring for over 250,000 lives.
    - A large Physician Hospital Organization that has been successful in achieving quality distinctions in a pay-for-performance environment.
    - A substantial commitment to a new acute care tower and routine capital needs.
    - Demonstrated experience with hospital-physician alignment strategies that position both for success under healthcare reform.
    - New opportunities for the recruitment of needed physicians, including access to the state’s largest physician training programs.

McLaren benefits by expanding its geographical reach into the Blue Water and Thumb regions.

  • McLaren’s business model has been to partner with community hospitals in unique geographic markets to support local clinical and financial success and grow local services and market share.

  • McLaren Port Huron and McLaren share the same philosophy for the continuation, growth and expansion of services.  By joining forces, we strengthen our ability to provide exceptional care in the Blue Water and Thumb regions.

Patient care services will continue while we move forward with the integration process.

  • We will continue to provide our patients and families with compassionate, high-quality healthcare. Services will not be interrupted.

  • We will continue to keep you informed throughout the integration process.  You may also submit questions to