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Massage Therapy Services
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Massage Therapy

The Market Place offers products for men and women to pamper the mind, body and spirit including:

  • Aromatherapy massage creams

  • Aromatherapy candles scented for energy, relaxation and renewal 

  • Hand soaps

  • Heated body, neck and eye wraps

  • Pumice stones

  • Manicure tools including nail brushes

  • Decaffeinated tea assortments by the box or individual serving packet.

  • Prducts for face care including masks and cleansers, body bars and more 

  • Gift Certificates are available.  If you have questions, please call Women’s Wellness Place at (810) 985-2663 during business hours or email us..

Massage appointments are available

Massage appointments are available on Monday afternoon, Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Learn more about how to schedule a massage therapy appointment or offered massage therapy services. You may also call Women’s Wellness Place at (810) 985-2663 or email us. Massage therapy appointments are available for women and men.