Follow Andy and Breanna's weightloss journey

Follow Andy and Breanna's Bariatric Surgery Journey


Click here to register for a free bariatric surgery weight loss seminarWeight loss surgery can be a difficult decision to make, with many questions along the way. Andy and Breanna, McLaren Port Huron Bariatric Center of Michigan patients, have allowed us to tell their story after gastric sleeve surgery. Come back regularly to follow their progress.

Andy and Breanna's Journey 


Andy was 346 pounds and was a size 46 waist and 3XL shirts. Together with his wife, Breanna, they decided that surgery was the only way they could lose the weight and keep it off. Andy had sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery on July 1, 2013.

Breanna was about 290 pounds and size 26 when she made the life-changing decision to have sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery. Breanna had surgery on July 8, 2013 – just one4 week after her husband.

Neither was on medication…yet. They knew that if they didn’t take action to lose weight they would most likely have chronic back and joint pain along with diabetes and other issues that sometimes come with being overweight.  

Andy and Breanna before surgery
 Before surgery

October 2013

“I don’t want my weight loss to define me. I want the activities I do with my friends and family to define who I am.” Andy

”Together we’ve lost 150 pounds in only three months – that’s an entire person.” Breanna

Only three months post- surgery, Andy is down 84 pounds and now a size 36 waist and large shirt. Breanna is down 66 pounds and now a size 20. They are enjoying their increased energy and overall physical activity such as walking and biking.

Breanna isn’t overly excited about a regular exercise routine, but she is open to trying new things such as skiing. Andy has always enjoyed snowboarding, however, it was with pain. This winter he is looking forward to snowboarding with less pain and more energy, as well as getting back to playing hockey. He had to quit hockey because it was too hard physically – not anymore! By walking and running, they are finding ways to increase exercise and spend more time together.

They have found that not all meats are tolerable. They had to seek out protein alternatives such as lentils, nuts, and beans. Also, their portion sizes have changed so much that when they go out they share an appetizer.

Andy and Breanna 3 months post-op

  3 months post-op    

December 2013

“We've learned to take joy in every small victory.” Breanna

Six months after surgery, Andy has lost 112 pounds, Breanna has lost 90 pounds. They both feel great. The weight loss has slowed but they continue to see progress not just on the scale but in how they feel.

Together, they spoke at this month’s support group. Their words of inspiration carried throughout the room, along with the congratulations on their great success in a short period of time.

Breanna expressed how much more positive she is overall. She finds that she is happier in life – the literal and figurative weight has been lifted. She continues to look forward to the day when she can shop in a non-plus size clothing store.

They truly are finding the joy in every victory – big or small. 

      Andy holding shirt at 112 pounds weight loss

5 months post-op

Breanna holding shirt at 90 pounds weight loss

5 months post-op