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Haydn's Birth - Andrea's Story

Andrea and HaydnAs the holiday season approached, expectant parents Andrea and Wally Mencavage were feeling especially grateful and enjoying the season’s merriment as they anticipated of the birth of their first child, due in early February 2014.  But what had been considered a normal pregnancy the first 29 weeks changed in November 2103, as Andrea was diagnosed with hypertension and was admitted to McLaren Port Huron several times.  Then just five weeks later, she was admitted again for a more severe condition called preeclampsia.

With her due date still six weeks away, Andrea never expected to ring in the New Year in labor.  But on December 31, 2013 she and her husband Wally were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Haydn, who weighed just 4lbs, 8oz.

Preparing for Haydn’s early arrival…from one mother’s eyes

The thought of delivering a premature baby scared me.  But when I was admitted to the Miriam F. Acheson Family Birth Place, I instantly felt a sense of reassurance when the nurses remembered me and my medical condition from previous visits. Dr. Niver, my obstetrician, coordinated my delivery and Haydn’s plan of care with other physicians, while the nursing team informed us of how they would keep us both safe.

I learned that the most critical issues we would face upon delivery would be for Haydn to be able to breathe on her own, eat and regulate her own temperature.  So we were ecstatic when Haydn began to eat through a feeding line during her first day of life and quickly progressed to bottle feeding by day three.  Within a week, Haydn was released into our care, without any restrictions.

Through the entire experience, my husband and I always felt confident in Haydn’s care.  Acheson Family Birth Place was well-equipped to handle Haydn’s special needs, and the nurses were trained and prepared for everything we encountered.  They saved Haydn’s life, and we are ever so grateful. 

Thank you, staff and physicians of McLaren Port Huron, for helping keep our precious gift safe and for helping her grow.

~Andrea Nunn-Mencavage & Wally Mencavage