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McLaren Port Huron to Join McLaren Health Care

 Mclaren Health Care and McLaren Port Huron logos

After a thorough review and unanimous support by the hospital board, the Blue Water Health Services board has signed a letter of intent to become a part of McLaren Health Care, a non-profit, multi-hospital system based in Flint, Michigan.

  • We conducted a full financial, operational and strategic assessment looking well into the hospital’s future.
  • McLaren’s proposal met the objectives we set forth in our request for proposals. McLaren shares our enthusiasm for growing our services and expanding our market.

With this agreement, McLaren Port Huron will be able to draw from the resources and expertise of an 11-hospital system that already serves 6.5 million residents, at over 300 facilities in 53 counties in Michigan.

  • A relationship with McLaren will offer outstanding benefits locally – many that are simply not available to us currently or through other hospital systems:

    • A long-standing philosophy that health care is a locally-driven process that should be guided by local leadership and community stakeholders.

    • System-wide efficiencies through group purchasing, pooled insurance, etc.

    • A substantial commitment to a new acute care tower and routine capital needs.

    • Uniquely qualified to strengthen and expand clinical services in our market.

    • Access to one of only four provider-owned health insurance plans in the state, already caring for over 250,000 lives.

    • Substantial capital investments to commitment to expand McLaren Port Huron programs and facilities, including a new acute care tower and other ongoing annual capital needs as identitied.

    • Access to lower cost financing that will provide additional support for new equipment and facility improvements.

McLaren and the Blue Water Health Services board will pursue in-depth due diligence activities over the next several months to determine more specific arrangements for the new relationship.

With a changing population, increased regional competition, lower reimbursement from Medicare, and many changes associated with new healthcare reform regulations, we are facing unprecedented challenges.

  • We want to continue to provide the most modern, technologically advanced care to our community. McLaren has committed to bring substantial funds, clinical integration and expanded services to McLaren Port Huron as well as the necessary expertise to operate under new healthcare reform regulations.

  • In addition to access to capital and growing services, McLaren brings operational efficiencies that will help us better manage the reductions in Medicare payments that are certain.

  • McLaren will help us comply with the broad implications of healthcare reform, which will require us to work in different ways with our physicians.

In recent years, McLaren Port Huron has achieved strong financial performance and earned numerous quality and patient safety distinctions. Patient satisfaction and physician loyalty has also continually improved. Our position of strength makes this the optimal time to consider joining a larger organization because we stand to obtain the greatest promise of future success.

All services will continue while we move forward with the due diligence process.

  • We will continue to provide our patients and families with compassionate, high-quality healthcare. Services will not be interrupted.

  • We are committed to sharing updates with you. You can submit questions to below. We will answer them as quickly as possible.