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WOW - Working on Wellness - Employee Health

Working On Wellness (WOW) is a familiar initiative to help McLaren Port Huron employees.

Mission Statement

Create a culture of wellness and serve as a healthy role model to the community.

Why do we have this program?

The purpose of McLaren Port Huron hospital is to “be a leader in healing and your partner in health". Do you want to become healthier? These are just a couple of reasons you should join us. In Fall 2005, a group of employees volunteered to join the Wellness Team. That team, along with the Executive Team was given the challenge of developing a program to encourage employees to make healthier choices. WOW is the result.

YourCare - On-line wellness site

YourCare is available to all employees who are eligible for benefits. To access YourCare click here.

Some Benefits of YourCare are:

  • Ability to complete a Health Risk Assessment and find out your risk factors and your "health age" and become eligible for drawing monthly for $500.00. WOW!

  • Get up-to-date peer reviewed medical information on carious medical conditions from the Health and Wellness Medical Library

  • Access tools to assist with lifestyle issues such as weigh management, smoking cessation and stress reduction

Health Coaches and nurses analyze your medical claims and Health Risk assessment information to identify opportunities to help you stay as healthy as possible by using evidenced based standards of care. Provides gender specific preventive care reminders for screening such as mammography, colonoscopy, PST, and bone density.

Insurance Premium Benefit Incentive: Eligibility deadline for 2015 premium is August 31, 2014

Benefit-eligible employee and spouse (if applicable):

  • Complete Health Risk Assessment (HRA) on YourCare site. (Employee and Spouse)


  • Attend McLaren Port Huron Biometric screenings where Blood pressure, Height, Weight, BMI and fasting blood draw for full lipid panel and fasting glucose will be done. (Employee only)


Have Biometric Screening Form completed by your healthcare provider or Employee Health. (Employee only) 

Biometric Screening Flyer

"Know Your Numbers" - Biometric Screening Form

 Wellness Incentive Eligibility Flyer

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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