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Day of Surgery - Post-Operative Area

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Day of Surgery
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What surgery patients can typically expect on the day of surgery.

You will be transferred to recovery area where you will be monitored closely. During this phase a registered nurse will:
    • Take vital signs.
    • Treat any nausea/vomiting.
    • Manage pain, if needed.
    • You will be offered a variety of snacks and drinks as you become more alert.
    • Your family will be able to visit you once you are awake.
    • Provide discharge education (both written and verbal) to you and to the person who is taking you home.
  • Prescriptions
    • Your physician will provide any discharge prescriptions necessary.
    • Have family or appropriate visitors fill these before leaving the facility, if you choose.
    • The hospital pharmacy accepts most insurance plans. Please remember to bring your prescription card with you.
  • Going Home
    • You will be observed and made comfortable until your doctor decides it is safe for you to go home.
    • The duration of this stage is dependent on your needs, type of anesthesia and the procedure performed.
    • A responsible/able person must drive you home. You are not permitted to drive yourself due to safety and legality rationale.
    • A staff member or a member of our volunteer staff will accompany you out of the building when you are discharged, by a wheelchair for your safety and comfort.