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Preparing for Your Surgery - How to get Ready

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Pre-Operative Instructions

Please click a link below for the appropriate patient instruction checklist:

Adult Patients

Pediatric Patients

Pediatric Patient Instruction Checklist

Preparing for your Surgery

  1. Smoking and Tobacco Cessation
  2. Why can't I have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery?
  3. What about my medications?General information is listed below. Your admission access nurse will direct you on what medications to take before your procedure.
  4. What if I feel ill before my procedure?
  5. How should I get ready?
    • Shower or bathe and shampoo the night before and the morning of your surgery, with antibacterial soap before coming to the hospital - this helps to prevent infection. Click on the link below for more information on important showering instructions:
    • Make sure your hair is clean and dry prior to arriving. Avoid hairspray.
    • Wear loose clothing that is easy to get off and on, which will fit over extra padding such as a bandage/dressing.
    • Do not wear makeup, jewelry (including any body piercing) or metal hair accessories.
    • Do not bring other valuables.
    • Change linens on your bed the night prior to surgery so that you are sleeping on clean bedding, after your antibacterial showering. Do not apply lotions or powders.

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