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Am I ready for Bariatric Surgery

The impact of medical problems related to the decision for bariatric surgery

Medical problems, such as serious heart or lung problems, can increase the risk of any surgery. On the other hand, if they are problems that are related to your weight, they also increase the need for surgery. Severe medical problems may help you and your surgeon determine which bariatric procedure at McLaren Port Huron is right for you.

Considering the risks

All surgical procedures have risks, but when the patient is morbidly obese the risks are typically higher.

  • Depending upon your individual circumstances, your risks may be higher or lower than average.
  • Potential risks of surgery and specifically for the bariatric procedure you are considering should be discussed with your surgeon so you can make an informed choice.

Preparing for surgery

  • Pre-surgery weight loss. In some situations, your surgeon may require that you lose weight before your surgery. Generally the reason for this is to reduce overall risks of surgery.
  • Smoking cessation. Patients will be expected to stop smoking.
  • Health assessment. An accurate assessment of your health is needed before surgery and the best way to avoid complications.
    • It is important to know if your thyroid function is adequate since hypothyroidism can lead to sudden death post-operatively. If you are diabetic, special steps must be taken to control your blood sugar. Because surgery increases cardiac stress, your heart will be thoroughly evaluated. These tests will determine if you have liver malfunction, breathing difficulties, excess fluid in the tissues, abnormalities of the salts or minerals in body fluids, or abnormal blood fat levels
    • Certain basic tests are done prior to surgery including a complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis, and a chemistry panel, which gives a readout of about 20 blood chemistry values. Often a glucose tolerance test is done to evaluate for diabetes, which is very common in overweight persons. All patients have a psychiatric evaluation, an electrocardiogram and some may have a chest x-ray. Other tests, such as pulmonary function testing, echocardiogram, sleep studies, GI evaluation, cardiology evaluation, or gallbladder ultrasound may be requested when indicated.
    • In addition, your insurance company may require a psychiatric evaluation. Most psychiatrists will evaluate your understanding and knowledge of the risks and complications associated with weight loss surgery and your ability to follow the basic recovery plan.

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