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Jennifer Montgomery, BSN, MSA, Vice President of Nursing and Clinical Services

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Jennifer Montgomery appreciates the technical advancements available to treat the patients of McLaren Port Huron but contributes her long career here to the support and talent of the staff.  “The number one reason I came back to McLaren Port Huron (following a role at another Detroit-area hospital) is the nursing staff.  This nursing staff is some of the best I have ever worked with.  They are so knowledgeable and take their responsibilities very seriously. "I see nurses who don't leave for the day until they feel they've done everything they could for their patients, even after the end of their shift!" 

When Jennifer Montgomery was a nursing student, she was already enthusiastic to serve others as a bedside nurse.  But when she did a student rotation in a Cardiac Care unit, she says she fell in love with her career choice and the possibilities it brought.  “When I was a nursing student, I knew I wanted to be involved in cardiac care the first time I had a rotation on that type of unit, it just clicked.  I liked the challenge, I liked the patients, and I liked the technology.   I also found a passion in the encouragement and teaching of the lifestyle changes needed by cardiac patients,” says Jennifer. 

That passion for encouragement and teaching has led her through her numerous bedside and leadership roles in nursing; including her current role as Vice President of Nursing  and Clinical Services at McLaren Port Huron. “The best part of my job is mentoring,” says Jennifer. “I want to encourage people to stretch and grow.  Being in administration, it’s easier to influence more people.  I love what I do; I couldn’t do this job if I didn’t. I loved being a bedside nurse, but for me, I thought I could take my passion for nursing to another level.”  Jennifer is responsible for the administration of Nursing, Radiology and Pharmacy Services at McLaren Port Huron, but, as she says, she doesn’t see herself at “the top of the chart.”  She views her role as more of a guide.  “I think it starts with front-line care delivery,” says Jennifer.  “It’s about the person at the bedside and then it goes from there.  If I left tomorrow, we could go on, but if that bedside care is interrupted, the impact is felt in so many ways.”

Jennifer says the level of dedication of the clinical staff reminds her every day of the importance of their roles. “Any time I make a decision, I think that the person this affects is the patient bed of my family member, that person is not a number," says Jennifer.   "I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I’ve never gone home and thought, ‘what a waste of a day.’”

About Jennifer Montgomery, BSN, MSA 


• Master of Science Degree in Administration, Central Michigan University
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, Wayne State University
• Nursing Diploma, Henry Ford School of Nursing


  • Long-tenured career at McLaren Port Huron includes the positions of:  Director, Medical/Surgical and Critical Care Services, Nurse Manager of 4-West, Operational Lead for Cardiac Telemetry Step-Down Unit, Case Manager in Cardiac area, and Staff Registered Nurse in Cardiovascular Care
  • Vice President, Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer, Genesys Regional Medical Center
  • Served as Manager of Clinical Nursing at St. John Hospital and Medical Center

Organizations, Memberships, Certifications/Licensure

  • Member, American Nurses Association
  • Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Board Certified as a Nursing Executive


  • Fort Gratiot