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What's new this year?

2012 Plan Changes


  • An increase to $1,250,000 annual maximum coverage
  • Prescription annual plan maximum of $25,000 is eliminated
  • Prior authorization is required for prescriptions that exceed $500 for a 30-day supply
  • Medical coverage is available for adult children until the end of the month of 26th birthday, regardless of the availability of coverage through his or her own employer
  • Change in current plan design to a 5-tier enrollment structure
  • Medical Premium Share full-time employee 20%, part-time employee 30%

YourCare Employee Wellness

  • New program provided through NGS CoreSource, focusing on ongoing health and wellness engagement for employees 
  • Program features:
    • Preventive Care Reminders
    • Chronic Condition Monitoring
    • Disease Management Outreach
    • Integrated Consumer Portal

Spouse Surcharge

In the case of two McLaren Port Huron employees married to each other, when one spouse opts out of McLaren Port Huron Medical Plan, the spouse who elects the McLaren Port Huron Medical plan will not have to pay the $30 spouse surcharge. The Spouse who opts out of the McLaren Port Huron Medical Plan will not receive an allowance for opting out. Human Resources must be contacted to receive benefit.

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • View and track your claims activity, balances and reimbursements online
  • Reminder:  As a result of health care reform, over-the-counter medications will no longer be eligible for reimbursement without a prescription.

IChoose Online Enrollment

  • Flex Open Enrollment will be conducted through an on-line benefit enrollment module.
  • The module will walk you through the step-by-step electronic enrollment of your benefit elections.
  • Enrollment assistance will be conducted in the Wismer Computer Room. See Flex calendar for dates and times.