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Deliver Me Smoke Free

babyMcLaren Port Huron offers the Deliver Me Smoke Free program for pregnant women, those considering becoming pregnant and mothers of children age 5 and younger who want to stop smoking.

McLaren Port Huron hospial offers this program to help mothers and mothers-to-be stop smoking. The goal of "Deliver Me Smoke Free" is to give all babies the opportunity to be born smoke free, and young children age five and younger to have a smoke-free environment and to have a mother who will be healthier and live longer.

  • Counseling is customized to meet each woman's support needs and busy schedule
  • Offered free of charge through McLaren Port Huron's Women's & Children's Services.

It's your decision and only you can help your baby be born smoke free! Call the nurse counselor at 810.989.3432 to help your baby live a healthy, normal life with fewer doctor visits.

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