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Neonatal Intensive Care in Family Birth Place at McLaren Port Huron

Families can take comfort in knowing that if their baby arrives needing special care, they may be able to stay close to home.

McLaren Port Huron has provided Neonatal Intensive Care since it opened in March, 1976. Located within the Miriam F. Acheson Family Birth Place, McLaren Port Huron hospital Neonatal Intensive Care has equipment and specially trained staff to manage the problems of a sick newborn, those with special medical needs such as congenital defects and in stabilization and transfer of premature babies. 

Acheson Family Birth Place - Visiting

  • We believe in family-centered care and in providing a safe and secure environment for you and your newborn.

  • To respect your privacy and comfort and to ensure safe care, we suggest no more than 3 family members/friends/support persons at your bedside at one time during labor, delivery, and through the first hour after delivery.

  • Family and friends are asked to ensure a clear path to the mother and baby at all times

  • Family and friends are welcome to provide emotional support to you (the patient) unless their presence infringes on other patient’s rights, compromises safety, and/or is medically or therapeutically contraindicated. Such times include:

    • During epidural procedures

    • During labor and the delivery

    • During the first hour of recovery after birth

  • Acheson Family Birth Place is a secured unit. Mom’s first and last name must be provided to enter the Family Birth Place.

  • Quiet time is observed between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. to promote rest, healing and bonding.

  • Family and friends should not visit when respiratory viruses are common in the community.