Massage Therapy and Women's Market Place Services

massage therapy.jpg (16258 bytes)Services can help you stay well in body, mind and spirit

Women's Wellness Place offers Massage Therapy and the Women's Market Place services that work not only with the physical body, but support the mind, spirit and emotions. Proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, these therapies help the body tap into the natural restorative process that we all have. They are designed to be used in addition to your physician's treatment plan.


Complementary Therapy Services include:

  • Therapeutic and relaxation massage - The therapist will work with you to determine your goals and tailor your massage to meet those goals. Techniques incorporated into a massage can include myofascial release, trigger point release, and accupressure. Aromatherapy can also be used.
  • Women's Market Place- Products to pamper the mind, body & spirit.

       Gift Certificates are available and make wonderful gifts!

Although these therapies complement traditional medicine, they are not suggested as a substitute for medical care. You should use them to help you on your healing path.


  • The cost for all complementary services is $55 for sixty minutes. Discounts are available to Women's Wellness and 55 Plus members.

Contact information:

  • Call Women's Wellness Place to make an appointment or to purchase a gift certificate at 810.985.2663 or email us.

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