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McLaren Port Huron Your Partner in Health for March 2014


Your Partner in Health for March 2014 

A practical way to keep the flu away and fun & fitness for kids

As we “March forward”, and look forward to warmer weather, we at Port Huron Hospital want to remind you that we’re still in the midst of influenza season – and it has been particularly widespread this year. As we fight influenza this year, we look to our community to help stop the spread of infection. We all know about the importance of getting the flu vaccine each year, but another very powerful weapon worth discussion is proper hand hygiene. We also want to get you ready for an annual March activity marking its 25th year at McLaren Port Huron. Our annual Fun and Fitness Festival brings a healthy message to kids in a fun, interactive environment. Plan to join us March 29 for fun with ambulance tours, a “Visit to the Operating Room,” pet therapy, fitness obstacle course and free raffles for a bicycle. It can be our “secret” that kids are learning about health and fitness while they’re having fun!

View the March 2014 issue of Your Partner in Health. ~ Thomas DeFauw, President and Chief Executive Officer

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