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McLaren Port Huron Your Partner in Health for April 2012


McLaren Port Huron Your Partner in Health for April 2012

Using “Fun & Fitness” to introduce kids to the hospital and health

As the area’s leading provider of children’s services, we at McLaren Port Huron take great pride in partnering with others to provide opportunities for kids to learn about healthcare, safety and about staying healthy. I’m proud that the hospital is such a leader in the community.

We’re gearing up for our 23rd annual “Children’s Fun and Fitness Festival.” This happy event gives kids an opportunity to see how they can take charge of their health and fitness – a concept we hope will stay with them throughout their lives. The Festival is a collaboration with our friends and partners in the community. Together, we’ve seen thousands of kids participate through the years. This free event has become such a community tradition that we are now seeing parents who were participants when they were kids! That’s a great feeling. 

Click here to read the April 2012 issue of Your Partner in Health.  ~ Thomas DeFauw, President and Chief Executive Officer 

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