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Follow Marty's Bariatric Surgery Journey

Click here to register for a free bariatric surgery weight loss seminarWeight loss surgery can be a difficult decision to make, with many questions along the way. Marty, a Port Huron Hospital Bariatric Center of Michigan patient, has allowed us to follow his journey from the difficult decision to have gastric sleeve surgery to today. Come back regularly to follow Marty's journey.

Marty’s Journey

"I have children and I want to be more active for them. But really, I did this for me, I want to live life to the fullest.  I feel that by losing weight I’m taking an active role in my life and my health."

Marty, a father of four, three boys and a girl ranging in age from 15 to 25, lost his wife a few years ago.

Marty battled with his weight all his life. After his wife died, he was determined to lose the weight in a healthy and sustainable way. By eating better and increased exercise, Marty lost 90 pounds with the help of his physician and nutritionist.

Marty before initial 90 pound weight loss 
Before initial 90 pound weight loss

Summer 2012

“I considered the gastric band, but my doctor recommended the sleeve. After doing the research, I agreed that it was the best fit for my needs.”

Marty did a lot of online research on weight loss surgery procedures as well as where he wanted to have his surgery – close to home or go further away. His mother and sister both had by-pass surgery, so he knew about their experiences. After looking at all the options, he decided on gastric sleeve surgery. While diet and exercise worked very well for him, he still felt hungry. The sleeve would help to alleviate that.

Marty also realized that the people who are most successful are those who do follow-up. He wanted a convenient location so that he would be able to regularly follow-up. While he works in Grosse Pointe, he decided he wanted a location closer to home. Port Huron Hospital fit the bill.

He attended a Bariatric Center of Michigan seminar led by Dr. Nicholas Nunnally during the summer. It took some time to “jump through all the hoops” and his surgery was scheduled for December 10.

Marty before bariatric surgery

December 2012

“I’ve had both hips replaced. I’m looking forward to even more mobility as I lose more weight.”

Surgery day was December 10. Marty’s weight that day was 267, down from his original starting weight of 367 pounds in July, 2011. His goal following surgery is 215 to 220 pounds. A former weight lifter, Marty doesn’t think he can go much under that goal.

In overall good health, Marty doesn’t have most of the health problems associated with obesity, like high blood pressure or diabetes. He has had both hips replaced, though. While he doesn’t expect to be playing many sports because of the hip replacements, he’s planning to continue walking and bike riding.


May 2013

“I look forward to walking every day. It’s what I do now, I walk.”

Marty feels a little less energy right now. He will discuss at his next appointment with the doctor, but he thinks it may be because his body is trying to adjust to eating less. He isn’t concerned, because he doesn’t feel ill or weak.

He continues with regular weight lifting routines as well as walking. He walks seven days a week for at least two miles at a time. He has been walking near his home for so long now that neighbors are stopping him along the route and telling him they are noticing the weight loss. One neighbor told Marty that he inspired her to start walking because rain or shine, she always sees him out there.


June 2013

“I don’t eat perfect all the time, I am human. But, I feel that if I eat well at least 95% of the time, I’ll do just fine.” 

Marty has found since surgery he doesn’t crave or even enjoy the foods he used to eat. He can’t stomach the oily, greasy, or buttery foods. He was never really a sweets eater, he would eat junk food. Now, he enjoys sugar-free popsicles or low carb ice cream occasionally. He used to love bread and bagels. Now, it has a mushy texture to him – not appealing. He also drinks skim milk now – just a cup with his morning protein shake. He drinks a lot of water now.

He continues walking. He has increased his distance to three miles a day now. He found that by waiting until the evening to walk, he simply didn’t have the energy after a long day of work. He re-evaluated his schedule and now walks in the morning before work and another two miles on his lunch break. He finds he has more energy throughout the day by exercising earlier in the day.

Marty 6 months post-op
6 months post-op  

September 2013

“I think back to how my eating habits have changed. I am very thankful that Dr. Columbo referred me to a nutritionist back in July 2011. That is what started my path to healthy eating.”

Marty knows the value of good nutrition. When he started his weight loss on his own in July 2011, he visited a nutritionist. They discussed healthy eating habits and examined what he was eating and developed ways to improve his nutritional intake. He discovered he used to eat to fill a void in his life. Now, he eats for nutritional value alone, thanks to his nutritionist. He knows now it was that visit and the many follow up visits play a huge part of his eating habits today and overall good health.

Marty is making many changes in his life. He has started taking college classes again, and is halfway through the Doctor of business administration degree program at Baker College. He has also decided he would like to start dating again. He lost his wife to cancer a couple years ago, and with all but one of his kids out of the house, he’d like someone to share his life with. He has decided though, that this person must share his new interest of healthy eating and lots of exercise!

Marty 9 months post-op

9 months post-op

December 2013

“I’m not really concerned about holiday eating. I know how to eat healthy, those fatty foods really are of no interest to me anymore. They don’t have the satisfaction they once used to, not to mention, they just don’t taste good anymore.”

His weight loss has slowed a little. But, he continues to eat well and exercise. His exercise routine has changed a little partly due to the winter weather, but also it was time to change it up. He continues to walk, but now he rides his stationary bike indoors and lifts more weights. He is working on building more muscle this winter.